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Leaders Defend the Village

During my college years, and for a few years after, I had the pleasure of playing rugby. I fell in love with the sport – the dynamism of the game, the strategy, the physicality, and the way we learned to

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Crawl, Walk, Run: Email Strategies for Every Stage of Marketing

TJ Warfield and Vivian Reed take you through the unique phases of email marketing, and what to focus on to move to the next stage of the journey.

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Upgrade Your Nonprofit When You Upgrade to NPSP3

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Year-End Donor Campaign Segmentation in Salesforce

This documentation is intended to help nonprofits understand how to structure and run a segmented year-end or other campaign using the Salesforce platform. I’ll start with the strategy behind setting up your segmented campaign and then get into the nitty gritty

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Choosing a Nonprofit CRM: the End of Do-It-All Packages

There’s a profound change happening in the nonprofit technology space. Nonprofits are demanding increased and improved functionality in their systems, and the all-in-one, out of the box packages that provide everything an organization needs – fundraising, mass email, volunteer management

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Making Friends with A Mess: The Value of A Strategic Diagnostic for Salesforce

At BrightStep we get a lot of phone calls from nonprofit leaders who are struggling with a Salesforce database that they’ve had for some time. We call these “second-phase” implementations – those in which a nonprofit revamps its data tracking

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Leaving Luminate CRM (2 of 2)

Last week, we talked about what Luminate CRM means to nonprofits, and reasons why they leave.  This week, in a longer-than-usual fashion, we’ll review some basics for preparing to leave, how to start the departure, and tactics for what and

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Leaving Luminate CRM (1 of 2)

Through the years, I’ve implemented various forms of Common Ground and Luminate CRM for organizations large and small, and while there are good reasons to use them, there are equally good reasons to leave.  Right now, we’re getting many inquiries

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Time: Our Most Precious Resource


I went to a presentation for nonprofits recently where the presenter argued that as a sector our biggest challenge was competing against each other for dollars, with increasing number of nonprofits vying for the same and fewer dollars. It made

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Salesforce and the Four Agreements

What are the four agreements and questions organizations should ask as part of implementing Salesforce?

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