An Ending (Ascent)

Some of you already know this, and many of you don’t.  I’m departing BrightStep Partners this month, and June 30 will be my final day as full-time co-owner.

So, what is the Next?

First, I’m taking a little time off to rest and regroup, as well as start some new conversations.  July will have me traveling to my Temple in Geyserville for a spiritual retreat; Chicago for a Salesforce MVP event; and Tahoe to hike, bike, and swim in the pristine beauty that it offers (ski season being another six months from now…).  Along the way, I’ll be doing what I’ve always done – consulting a bit for a few clients, being a part of Girlforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack Advisory Board, recording Cloud TnT with Tim and Joni, and, still participating in the Power of Us Hub and our amazing community as much as I’ve always been.  You better believe I’ll be at Dreamforce.

Second, I’m refocusing my professional Next – I’ve been consulting, project managing, doing billable hours and hands-on work inside of Salesforce instances and integrated applications for almost six years, including almost two with our own business.  There are different places to go and new sights to see, and I’m also working on a vision that I hope will involve all of you.

That vision begins with obtaining a new job, with you. One that allows me to operate in a multidisciplinary way within your organization. You’d see me at an ISV, making your application play well with the technical, business process, and fiscal needs of non-profits. You’d see me solving complex problems in a true collaborative manner with your team – maybe it’s understanding nonprofit application needs, or how to enter into our nonprofit implementation ecosystem at all; or, maybe it’s how to be both an SI and ISV, or building new, organizational development and leadership consulting into our work. You’d see me creating partnerships with like-minded people and organizations, and helping your organization continue to be a thought leader in our industry.  I’d be talking about the hard stuff, as probably all of you know.  What problems and challenges do you need solved?

DoTheMostGood-ClintonI’d also like to ask your organization, how well do you feel you’re doing with making the most Good possible with your resources? Where do you want to do more, and how can that be facilitated to have even greater effect on the livelihood of nonprofits, women in technology, and the inclusiveness of our industry?

Here is my invitation to talk about the Shape of Things to Come, because everything – friendship, employment, relationships – begins with a conversation: What do you think I should be doing? I’m in San Francisco, and I love our coffeehouses as much as I do a West Wing “Walk and Talk” around the city; or simply a chat via phone, Google Hangout, or Skype. Contact me:  – I want to hear from you.  I want to work for you, collaborate with you, and I want to learn from you.  I’ll also be sharing more of my own vision and asking for your participation soon at

As part of my personal Next, there are also questions I want to start asking as an industry at large, that have everything to do with the triangle of connections between nonprofit funding resources for sustaining technology, women’s leadership in nonprofits and technology, and the need for broader inclusion measures in the work we do.

button-BrightstepPartnersIt has been almost two years since Megan and I started what would become BrightStep, and showed up at Dreamforce 2014 with a stack of business cards, a name, and a Web site.  We had a set of goals that I’m thrilled to say we’ve largely met – building a boutique consulting firm that focused on strategy, leadership, and spending the kind of time necessary with our clients to make Salesforce as a platform a long-term success.  We set out to change how our industry talked about Salesforce implementation, build profile for BrightStep, and along the way, demonstrate the principles of doing the best for our employees, and elevating the leadership of women.

We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve created and achieved together.  This has been the absolute richest and rewarding journey of my life.  I came into this endeavor looking for a business partner who could help take strategy and turn it into action, and I left with a friend, supporter, cheerleader, and confidant with whom I’m truly blessed to have shared this time.  Thank you, Megan.  We’ve also hired incredible staff, women who honor and humble me every day with their enthusiasm, intellect, compassion and joy for our work.  Thank you TJ and Theresa.

As part of our partner ecosystem, I’ve enjoyed the wisdom, candor, and friendship of some of the most incredibly talented people with whom I’ve had the privilege of association.  Thank you, and I’m looking forward to the Next with you.

In business, there’s a time to make hard decisions – things that affect our day-to-day operations as much as they do our personal engagement.  Leaving BrightStep is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make, but it’s one that is best for the business, and one that I hope will allow a fledgling firm to continue to spread its wings and grow.

The title of this blog, An Ending (Ascent), is taken from a Brian Eno track that to me is hauntingly beautiful, sad, deeply poignant, and yet compellingly uplifting and hopeful all in one.  It fully describes the range of my feelings about this moment, because, as one  journey ends, another begins. I’m looking forward to walking it, together.


Co-Founder, BrightStep Partners • Salesforce MVP

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2 comments on “An Ending (Ascent)
  1. Megan Himan says:

    Tracy, I am so grateful for having worked with you these past two years and for our friendship. You are an amazing thought leader, connector and technologist – not to mention a really fun person to partner and collaborate with. I will miss seeing you every day, but I know that we won’t be far. I’m excited about all the projects you have in the hopper, and your continued leadership role in this sector. In gratitude. Megan


  2. Tracy, I know how awesome your brain and your work are, and whomever gets to work with that brain next, they are lucky. I know you’re leaving BrightStep in fantastic hands. Kudos to you and Megan, and I cannot wait to see what you do next.


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