5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Nonprofit Salesforce Administrator


1.     I will not call myself an accidental admin

Let’s face it. I didn’t get into working in the nonprofit world because it just happened. And like everything I do, I approach this database with purpose. Coming at it from a systems perspective rather than a technical one makes it no less worthy. I am an impact specialist in my nonprofit. I won’t let anyone else discount my work by calling it accidental.

2.     I will upgrade!

January is Upgrade month, and this is the time I will make a plan to upgrade to the Nonprofit Starter Pack 3.0 Upgrade. I might be surprised to learn that I can do it myself with some dedicated time and planning.  I will look for more resources on this blog, the Salesforce.org blog and other partner sites this month!

3.     I will seek out community.

There’s nothing more disheartening than struggling with a technical or organizational issue on my own. I will find and connect in the Power of Us Hub.  I will attend a local user group meeting. I will connect with Girlforce. I’ll talk about more than Salesforce. It will be fun.

4.     I will help someone else.

This actually takes courage. Answering a question publicly exposes me to other’s (sometimes contrary) opinions. I don’t always feel like I know very much, or have much to share.  I will do it anyway.

5.     I will keep learning.

This year, I will make it a priority to carve out precious time to learn something new – that I am passionate about, or that solves one of my organization’s pain points. I will do a Trailhead online (free) training path, just to push myself.

Here’s to more impact-making in 2016!

Megan Himan has over fifteen years experience in the nonprofit sector and over ten years working on the Salesforce platform. She has a unique combination of deep technical skills paired with an ability to strategically convene groups, coach executives and leadership through transitions, and execute on project deliverables. She is Founder & Principal of BrightStep Partners - solutions with strategy for Salesforce success. In September 2017, she was named a Salesforce MVP.

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