Dreamforce 2015: Highlights for Nonprofits

Truth be told, it’s hard to come back from a week like Dreamforce and integrate all that we’ve learned at BrightStep, and all the conversations, connections, and new tools and products and apps we explored. For those of you who weren’t able to make it there is so much content that was recorded and available online, for free!

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Tracy’s Presentation on Data Security for Nonprofits: Given with humor and detail geared for all levels of users, our own Tracy Kronzak gave a great summary of the issues facing nonprofits and how to solve them for the small and medium-sized organization. Watch the full session Salesforce Data Security for Nonprofits.

Trailhead: The trailhead training curriculum for administrators, developers (and power users) was released a few months ago and it is amazing, interactive, online and free. Did you hear me? – free! There’s even a new Trailhead Nonprofit Track.  The whole admin/developer zone at Dreamforce was dedicated to trailhead. Click here to start honing your own skills, in a fun way at home.


Lightning: Dreamforce was all about Lightning this year – the new user interface for the platform that mirrors the beauty of using Salesforce1 on your mobile phone (download the free mobile app on your phone’s app store). This much-needed upgrade is a game-changer – but for nonprofit users it really won’t come into play for a year or so at such time as the nonprofit starter pack and other tools can catch up. For a fairly technical 15-minute preview of what it looks like watch this video by Salesforce MVP Brian Kwong.

Mindfulness Day: We ended the week with a mindfulness day full of great speakers. This one, Tara Brach, rocked my world. Grab a cup of coffee and prepare to think differently. She starts at minute 8.

There were so many more highlights, including the “Nonprofit Starter Pack on a Shoestring” session co-led by TJ Warfield. Many recordings aren’t posted yet – but we’ll try to do a session hightlight Part 2 when they are. To find the Dreamforce channel on YouTube (for 2015 and before) go here.

Megan Himan has over fifteen years experience in the nonprofit sector and over ten years working on the Salesforce platform. She has a unique combination of deep technical skills paired with an ability to strategically convene groups, coach executives and leadership through transitions, and execute on project deliverables. She is Founder & Principal of BrightStep Partners - solutions with strategy for Salesforce success. In September 2017, she was named a Salesforce MVP.

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