BrightStep Partners Roundup for the Austin Nonprofit Tech Conference

It’s that time of year again… For some of us, the other Most Wonderful Time of the Year: The Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC).  This year, some of the best and brightest in the nonprofit tech world will be gathering the first week of March in Austin, TX for what’s sure to be a memorable experience.  NTEN has been giving back to the nonprofit tech world for many years, and all of us who came from the “accidental techie” world remain grateful for it as an organization that encourages technology leadership across the sector.  BrightStep Partners is a proud organizational partner, and Tracy’s roots in the NTEN community go all the way back to 2008 when she attended the NTC in New Orleans as a new technology manager for her nonprofit organization.

This year, BrightStep Partners will be participating in the NTC, and you can find us in the following places:

  • Salesforce Salon Un-Conference (Wednesday, March 4, 10:30am – 12pm CST, Location – Open Space Room 9A): Be sure to check the whiteboard at the NTC for the Salesforce Salon location, but we’re using one of the available un-conference slots.  Think of it as a meta-User Group meeting, problem-solving session,  community meet-up, and best-practice discussion all rolled into one.  We’ll meet in one of the un-conference rooms to come together around solutions and strategies, and experienced Salesforce administrators and consultants are encouraged to come and share freely!
  • Wednesday, March 4 (12pm – 1:30pm CST): Birds of a Feather Luncheon, Salesforce for Nonprofits – BrightStep Partners is hosting the Salesforce for Nonprofits Birds of a Feather Luncheon tables.  Please RSVP ( if you want to attend!
  • Thursday, March 5 (12pm – 1:30pm CST): Birds of a Feather Luncheon, GirlForce – We’ll be with the amazing women of GirlForce for today’s luncheon. Please RSVP ( if you want to attend!
  • Thursday, March 5 (1:30pm – 3pm CST): What to do when technology isn’t your problem? – Tracy will be presenting along with Marc Baizman (Customer Service Director, Salesforce Foundation), Dahna Goldstein (Director, Philanthropy Solutions, Altum), and Robert Weiner (President, Robert L. Weiner Consulting).  Want to read more about when technology isn’t your problem? Check out our pre-conference blog here.
  • Thursday, March 5 (6pm – 7:30pm CST): GirlForce Happiest Hour. Please RSVP ( if you want to attend!
  • Friday, March 6 (10:30am – 12pm CST): Women in Technology & Leadership: Being Seen and Heard – Tracy will be presenting along with Veda Banerjee (Director of Communications, The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy), Johanna Bates (Front-End Developer, Nonprofit Tech Strategist, Drupalist, DevCollaborative), and Michelle Chaplin (Senior Manager, Online Fundraising, PBS).
  • Friday, March 6 (11am – 12pm CST):  The women of GirlForce will be at it again, hosting Salesforce Foundation Office Hours LIVE from the NTC.

Of course, there’s much, much, more to the NTC to see and explore, and Megan and Tracy will be in the hallways and byways all week — and, we’re working on a special surprise for folks we encounter along the way.  Mostly, we intend to attend, listen, and learn – from you!  As community members, clients, friends, colleagues, and role models in our lives, our goal is to be available to answer questions, have conversations, and make sure that whatever you’re doing with technology (and especially Salesforce), you’re doing so in a way that is successful for you.  Feel free to ask us questions and go over your challenges with us – the power of Salesforce for nonprofits is in the community we create, the knowledge we freely share, and the service we give to each other.  Check back here as we add locations where one or both of us will be at a fixed place and time throughout the conference.  Hope to see you there!

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2 comments on “BrightStep Partners Roundup for the Austin Nonprofit Tech Conference
  1. […] I also reflect a lot on women in technology; it’s part passion and part obsession.  On a personal note, I’d add to these values that we strive to elevate women and seek structural adjustments in the realm of IT to better advance women – both inside nonprofits and for-profits.  I’ll have more to say on this after the forthcoming NTEN Conference. […]


  2. […] Look for us at the conference to get your own “Salesforce Help 5¢” Lucy button – or check out this link of where to find us this week. […]


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