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Salesforce for Nonprofits: Start Small, Dream Big

I was recently in Detroit with a friend, and had the opportunity to witness firsthand some of the challenges faced by the city and its efforts at renewal.  Because I’m part of the Cult of Nate Silver, I also caught

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Time: Our Most Precious Resource


I went to a presentation for nonprofits recently where the presenter argued that as a sector our biggest challenge was competing against each other for dollars, with increasing number of nonprofits vying for the same and fewer dollars. It made

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Salesforce and the Four Agreements

What are the four agreements and questions organizations should ask as part of implementing Salesforce?

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Project Success, Implementation Failure

In a recent conversation with a nonprofit development director, she told me, “Salesforce is the most complicated Rolodex our organization uses.” I grimaced a little and asked why.  And it turned out that while the project to roll out Salesforce

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Less Requirements, More Actionable Goals

Over the course of my nonprofit Salesforce career, I’ve come face to face with what I now view as the dreaded requirements document. This is the (extremely long) detailed spreadsheet that a consultant may prepare for you to detail all

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